Krzysiek Kowalik

The guy with a weird hairdo, hate driven developer and inline skater...

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  1. RubyConf Argentina 2012

    Argentina Argentina, Buenos Aires

    19th20th October 2012

    Krzysiek Kowalik spoke

  2. An Evening with Go

    England England, London

    20th March 2012

    Krzysiek Kowalik spoke

  3. wroc_love.rb

    Poland Poland, Wroclaw

    10th11th March 2012

    Krzysiek Kowalik spoke

  4. StarTechConf 2011

    Chile Chile, Santiago

    4th5th November 2011

    Krzysiek Kowalik spoke

  5. RubyKaigi 2011

    Japan Japan, Tokyo

    16th18th July 2011

    Krzysiek Kowalik spoke

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