Alvaro Videla

Co-Author of RabbitMQ in Action

Alvaro Videla worked as Core-Developer for RabbitMQ. Before moving to Europe he used to work in Shanghai where he helped ... See full bio

Zurich in Switzerland

Spoken at 63 events in 27 countries

Alvaro Videla recently attended

  1. DevOpsDays London 2017

    England England, London

    6th7th September 2017

    Alvaro Videla spoke

  2. QCon London 2017

    England England, London

    6th10th March 2017

    Alvaro Videla spoke

  3. JavaDay Kyiv 2016

    Ukraine Ukraine, Kiev

    14th15th October 2016

    Alvaro Videla spoke

  4. ScaleConf New Zealand 2016

    New Zealand New Zealand, Wellington

    9th10th August 2016

    Alvaro Videla spoke

  5. Berlin Buzzwords 2016

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    5th7th June 2016

    Alvaro Videla spoke

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