Ori Pekelman

Making stuff scale. Building Startups. Having Fun.

I fight for Platform.sh. Entrepreneur (Internet Patrol, aSmallWorld, af83, Commerce Guys), I have over 20 years experience creating technical innovations, ... See full bio

Paris in France

Spoken at 20 events in 4 countries

Ori Pekelman recently attended

  1. APIdays Paris - Main event

    France France, Paris

    8th9th December 2015

    Ori Pekelman spoke

  2. SymfonyCon Paris 2015

    France France, Paris

    3rd5th December 2015

    Ori Pekelman spoke

  3. SymfonyLive Berlin 2015

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    13th16th October 2015

    Ori Pekelman spoke

  4. APIdays Global Conference - Paris 2014

    France France, Paris

    2nd3rd December 2014

    Ori Pekelman spoke

  5. Open World Forum 2014

    France France, Paris

    30th October 2014

    Ori Pekelman spoke

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