Teaching life sciences and physical sciences for the past ten(10) years both home on Ghana and currently in South Africa. ... See full bio

ALEXANDER OSEI recently attended

  1. 2016 International Hokkaido Forum- Organizational Behavior, Psychology, and Education (iHOPE 2016)

    Japan Japan, Sapporo-shi

    24th26th June 2016

    ALEXANDER OSEI attended

  2. 2016 International Congress on Chemical, Biological and Environmental Sciences (ICCBES)

    Japan Japan, Osaka Prefecture

    10th12th May 2016

    ALEXANDER OSEI attended

  3. The International Conference on Life Sciences and Biological Engineering

    Japan Japan, Fukuoka Prefecture

    1st3rd February 2016

    ALEXANDER OSEI attended

  4. Tokyo NodeFest 2015

    Japan Japan, Tokyo

    7th November 2015

    ALEXANDER OSEI attended

  5. 2015 6th International Conference on Networking and Information Technology (ICNIT 2015)

    Japan Japan, Tokyo

    5th6th November 2015

    ALEXANDER OSEI attended

    As an African and a teacher I wish to be enlightened as far as iCT is concerned so I can contribute fully to the teaching and learning of technology to the younger generation

  6. Learning Analytics for Managing Organizational and Individual Knowledge

    Japan Japan, Osaka-shi

    4th6th November 2015

    ALEXANDER OSEI attended

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