Paddy O'Reilly

Mobile web dev @dotMobiOfficial. I am a #HTML5 & GNU/Linux enthusiast. Opinions are my own and do not reflect those ... See full bio

Meath in Ireland

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  1. ffconf 2016

    England England, Brighton and Hove City

    10th11th November 2016

    Paddy O'Reilly attended

  2. ffconf 2014

    England England, Brighton

    7th November 2014

    Paddy O'Reilly attended

  3. Smashing Conference Freiburg 2014

    Germany Germany, Freiburg

    15th16th September 2014

    Paddy O'Reilly attended

  4. ModUX 2013

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    18th20th September 2013

    Paddy O'Reilly spoke

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