Palle Zingmark

Tech Lead at Futurice

Developer evangelist, senior front-end craftsman and tech advocate with a penchant for agile development methods. See full bio

Stockholm in Sweden

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Jaakko Kangasharju

Mobile software developer @Futurice bio from Twitter

Håkon Wium Lie

creator of #CSS, @opera employee & lover, @kontiki2 sailor, apple farmer bio from Twitter

Alex Kluwe

32 years, born in #Berlin, father of two. Working @Futurice to make great digital services happen. #App addict, #gadget groupie, #gaming guide, #reading rooter. bio from Twitter

Ilkka Laukkanen

Cross-platform hacker, amateur photographer and outdoor enthusiast bio from Twitter


Web-development consultant; expertise include: jQuery, JavaScript, JavaScriptMVC, Ruby-On-Rails, and ASP.NET. bio from Twitter

Barry O'Reilly

disrupter, free-thinker, thoughtworker bio from Twitter

Jenny Gunnarsson

Swede lost in England working as a front-end developer @kyan. After a lovley time as a Digital Media student @hyperisland. bio from Twitter

Ashley Porciuncula

Experience Designer • UX Architect • User Interface Artist • Starbucks Junkie • Podcast Fanatic • Social Media Addict • Partner in Crime bio from Twitter

TJ Holowaychuk

Programmer & artist. Creator of the Luna programming language, Express, Stylus, Component, Mocha, Jade, rework, node-canvas and others. Pastafarian bio from Twitter

Andrea Giammarchi

Web, Mobile, IoT, and all JS things since 00's. Formerly JS engineer at @nokia, @facebook, @twitter.

Angus Croll

super-fantastique bio from Twitter

Jacob Oscarson

Technologist/co-founder at @plexical (http://www.plexical.com). Programming/society/politics/future.. #python #coffeescript #javascript #emacs bio from Twitter

Scott O'Hara

Web Designer/Illustrator/CSS Dork. I like to design in the browser, draw with a mouse, and if a site isn't responsive then I get confused... bio from Twitter


Front-end engineer - Betterifying the Web Co-author Extensible Web Manifesto | Standards Dude (jQuery) http://hitchjs.com ¦ http://briankardell.wordpress.com bio from Twitter

Ben Alman

I'm a senior developer at @bocoup, creator of @gruntjs, and frequent contributor to @jquery. I also coined the term IIFE and play a mean funk bass. bio from Twitter

Ryan Florence

Proud father of two and JavaScript developer. bio from Twitter

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