Panos Astithas

Firefox engineer, computer addict, people lover, world observer, truth seeker.

Athens in Greece

Spoken at 11 events in 5 countries

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Greg Tatum

Code artist, webdev, animator, open web enthusiast, and bibliophile. bio from Twitter

Laura Thomson

Engineering manager at Mozilla; lives on farm with horses; author of tech books and as-yet unpublished urban fantasy novels; mum of toddler. Also: Australian. bio from Twitter

Selena Deckelmann

select * from pg_class where relname like '(postgresql|pyladies|chickens|portland|open source)'; bio from Twitter

Bill Selman

Lead UX Researcher at Mozilla. Electronic music. Everyday life. bio from Twitter

Mark Surman

Father. Cyclist. City lover. Gadget freak. Facilitation nerd. Community nut. Culture hacker. Executive director @Mozilla. bio from Twitter

Chuck Harmston

Saving the interwebs at @fightfortheftr bio from Twitter

Joe Hildebrand

Distinguished Engineer at Cisco

Josh Aas

Co-founder, Executive Director of ISRG (Let's Encrypt) bio from Twitter

Kostas Karpouzis

Research Director at Institute of Communication and Computer Systems - National Technical University of Athens

Bobby Holley

student, part-time nomad, mozilla hacker. bio from Twitter

Johann Hofmann

Firefox Developer at @Mozilla bio from Twitter

Nick Nguyen

co-founder of tasty labs, formerly of mozilla, raptr, delicious, yahoo bio from Twitter


Mozilla Engineer bio from Twitter

Sokratis Vidros

Full stack engineer @ Workable. bio from Twitter

Benjamin Cabé

Open Source M2M Evangelist - Eclipse Koneki and Mihini project lead at Sierra Wireless

Stratos Pavlakis

a hard rock geek combo sort of thing bio from Twitter


Περιφερειακός Συμπαραστάτης του Πολίτη και της Επιχείρησης Αττικής (Regional Ombudsman) bio from Twitter