Peter-Paul Koch

Mobile platform strategist | consultant | writer | conference organiser and speaker | blogger | trainer | browser compatibility expert

Amsterdam in Netherlands

Spoken at 46 events in 13 countries

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Erik Arvidsson

Polymer, Blink, Chrome, ECMA TC39, Closure, Gmail, Gears, Bindows, WebOS, WebFX bio from Twitter

Sara Soueidan

Freelance front-end web developer, writer, and speaker—focusing on HTML5, SVG, CSS3, and Javascript. (Accepting projects starting January 2015.) bio from Twitter

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Australia Australia, Melbourne

26th27th March 2015


Web Evangelist at Opera. I like browsers, extensions, open web technologies, and Batman. I also curate bio from Twitter

Laura Kalbag

Chatty 27yo freelance designer with a thing for the web. Mostly going on about development, design theory, web fonts, responsiveness, and dog walks.

Gerrit Berkouwer

All things web... | Government | | Webperformance | Webstandards | Webrichtlijnen versie 2 | Agile...CSPO

Steve Krug

Best known as the guy who wrote Don't Make Me Think (now in a new 3rd edition!) and Rocket Surgery Made Easy. bio from Twitter

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Ben Darlow

Curmudgeon. Also on (where available, additional fees may apply). bio from Twitter


Interactive designer and illustrator in NYC.

Jacob Rossi

Program Manager for Internet Explorer at Microsoft. I love all things web programming, music, and outdoors. bio from Twitter

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Dennis Kardys

design director at WSOL, interested in design, telecasters, robotics and monster movies. bio from Twitter

Scott Hanselman

Tech, Diabetes, Parenting, Race, Linguistics, Web, Fashion, Podcasts, Code, Ratchet, Black Hair, STEM, Phony. MSFT, but these are my opinions. @overheardathome bio from Twitter

Michael Mace

Tech industry CEO & strategist bio from Twitter

Russell Beattie

Techie, blogger, dad, and general malcontent. I'm also Technical Evangelist for the HTML5 Platform at Amazon's Lab126.

Adrian Bateman

Internet Explorer @ Microsoft

Stephen Shankland

Senior writer at CNET News. I cover browsers, Web programming, computing technology, photography, and more. In the Conehead clique in junior high. RT != +1. bio from Twitter

Matt Styles

Anyone for Decem-beard?

Rachel Nabors

Award-winning cartoonist turned interaction designer. Tells stories in code & pixels at @tinmagpie + web animation vlog:

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Sascha Wolter

Craftsman for Pervasive Computing, Rich Applications and Mobile Apps in all flavors.

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Martin Beeby

I work for Microsoft as a technical evangelist. Currently working on mobile apps. bio from Twitter

Ana Tudor

Alley cat. Got claws and nothing to lose. Defiant by definition. Offensive and excessive. We're not friends if we talked once and I don't owe you anything. bio from Twitter