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Browsers all the way down. Why is there a browser on this orange?

Amsterdam in Netherlands

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🐢/me npm i dance🐢

JS && daughter driven development. Works @mozilla. Tech lead @webcompat. Part of @opentechschool && @cssconfeu && @jsconfeu family. Feminist killjoy. bio from Twitter

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Jason Scott

Proprietor of http://TEXTFILES.COM, historian, filmmaker, archivist, famous cat maintenance staff. Works on/for/over the Internet Archive. bio from Twitter

Val Head ✈️ AdobeMAX

Author of Designing Interface Animation 📕 http://designinginterfaceanimation.com • Design advocate at @Adobe • Curates http://uianimationnewsletter.com • Opinions mine bio from Twitter

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Chris Coyier

CSS-Tricks, CodePen, ShopTalk Show bio from Twitter


Founder and CTO of Ajax.org and Cloud9 IDE bio from Twitter

Nick Finck

Senior Manager of User Experience at Amazon Web Services. Int'l speaker, IXDA Champion, & Webby judge. Formerly: Digital Web Mag, Blue Flavor, & WASP Curriculum bio from Twitter

Ruth John

UX, design, code... Writing, talking, mentoring... Unicorn Trainer | Fox Herder | TheLab Worker | Crocheter [my tweets are my own]

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Håkon Wium Lie

creator of #CSS, @opera employee & lover, @kontiki2 sailor, apple farmer bio from Twitter

Sandra Persing

Mozilla Developers Events | Women Who Code | Founder of @Blueprint_Fit & http://startHERup.co bio from Twitter

Martin Splitt

Bits, Bytes and Rock'n'Roll! Pushing the web forward at Archilogic and open source advocate.

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Stéphanie Walter

Web & UX Designer, Geeky Pixel & UI lover, coffee addict!

Peter O'Shaughnessy

Developer relations @samsunginternet 📱🌍 Advocate for Progressive Web Apps, Physical Web, Web Payments, WebVR and the potential for the future of the Web 🙌

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Don Olmstead

Web platform engineer for PlayStation hardware. #WebGL aficionado. #Dartlang enthusiast. Author for #AltDevBlogADay. bio from Twitter


I chat WebVR, UIs, tech, gadgets, cats and baby goats. Currently a @SamsungInternet advocate. My tweets are my own. bio from Twitter

Lara Hogan

Engineering Director @ Etsy

Alexis Deveria

Web tinkerer & Adobian. Has an odd desire to stay informed about any developments on web design or web browsers. bio from Twitter

Paul Kinlan

Web Dev Advocate @ Google. Making mobile web better. Progressive Web Apps, Mr Web Intents. Dev of many things including Twollo, Twe2, Ahoyo, FriendDeck and /web bio from Twitter

Chris Lilley

Technical Director, Interaction Domain, W3C

☞ Desigan Chinniah ☜

Partnerships firestarter @mozilla & @firefox. Normally riding a big bird or in the park with my family. Always up for a coffee. Say hello@desiganchinniah.com.