Peter-Paul Koch

Mobile platform strategist | consultant | writer | conference organiser and speaker | blogger | trainer | browser compatibility expert

Amsterdam in Netherlands

Spoken at 50 events in 13 countries

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Jeffrey Burtoft

HTML5 Evangelist for Microsoft. Author of HTML5 Hacks on O'Reilly Media. Blogger at Thinks JavaScript should be everywhere...

Peter van der Zee

I do the JS dance! (@JS1K, See @JSGoodies for my linkdump. Firehose proximity warning. bio from Twitter

Geri Coady

Colour-obsessed freelance illustrator and web designer. Author of Pocket Guide to Colour Accessibility from Five Simple Steps.

Charles Morris

Working on the Spartan/IEplatform @ Microsoft, student & teacher of Buddhist meditation & parent of 2 girls. What could go wrong? bio from Twitter

Petro Salema

Aloha Editor tech lead @Gentics

The Onion

America's Finest News Source. Subscribe on YouTube: bio from Twitter

Kalpita Kothary

Cofounder of Minky. Formerly Microsoft. Partner of @rainypixels. Tech, social justice, animals, and funny things. bio from Twitter

Aaron Gustafson

Web Design Author, Evangelist, Practitioner & Teacher

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Rick Byers

Staff Software Engineer at #Google working on #Chrome and #ChromeOS. bio from Twitter

Over the Air 2013

The 6th annual Over the Air is on September 27th & 28th, 2013 at Bletchley Park. #ota13@MobileMaggie @torgo @MatthewCashmore

Erik Arvidsson

Polymer, Blink, Chrome, ECMA TC39, Closure, Gmail, Gears, Bindows, WebOS, WebFX bio from Twitter

Sara Soueidan

(Freelance) Front-End Developer, Writer & Speaker • Author of the @Codrops CSS Reference bio from Twitter

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Extensions Program Manager and Web Evangelist at Opera. I like browsers, extensions, open web technologies, and Batman. I also curate bio from Twitter

Laura Kalbag

Chatty 28yo designer with a thing for the web. Loves design, development, accessibility, web fonts, responsiveness, and long dog walks. Designer at

Gerrit Berkouwer

All things web... | Government | | Webperformance | Webstandards | Webrichtlijnen versie 2 | Agile...CSPO

Steve Krug

Best known as the guy who wrote Don't Make Me Think (now in a new 3rd edition!) and Rocket Surgery Made Easy. bio from Twitter

Ben Darlow



Interactive designer and illustrator in NYC.

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Jacob Rossi

Program Manager for Microsoft Edge. I love all things web programming, music, and outdoors.

Dennis Kardys

design director at WSOL, interested in design, telecasters, robotics and monster movies. bio from Twitter