Peter-Paul Koch

Mobile platform strategist | consultant | writer | conference organiser and speaker | blogger | trainer | browser compatibility expert

Amsterdam in Netherlands

Spoken at 39 events in 12 countries

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Adrian Bateman

Englishman in Seattle, Internet Explorer PM. bio from Twitter

Stephen Shankland

Senior writer at CNET News. I cover browsers, Web programming, computing technology, photography, and more. In the Conehead clique in junior high. RT != +1. bio from Twitter

Matt Styles

Anyone for Decem-beard?

Rachel Nabors

Award-winning cartoonist turned interaction designer. Tells stories in code & pixels at @tinmagpie + web animation vlog:

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Sascha Wolter

Craftsman for Pervasive Computing, Rich Applications and Mobile Apps in all flavors.

Martin Beeby

I work for Microsoft as a technical evangelist. Currently working on mobile apps. bio from Twitter

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Ana Tudor

Just a 30 not-friendly-at-all nobody. Be careful, I may not reply nicely. Sadistic, arrogant, excessive. Out of time, out of line. Crazy cat lady devil @4ae9b8 bio from Twitter

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London JS

A monthly meetup in London for those passionate about JavaScript. bio from Twitter

Martijn van Duuren

Speaker Care for multiple conferences

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Roger Johansson

Front-end web developer, web standards, accessibility, usability and best practice promoter. bio from Twitter

Wonsuk Lee

Samsung Electronics/Chair of W3C HTML5 Korean IG/Editor of W3C Specs/Staff of W3C Korea Office bio from Twitter

Rodney Rehm

Webdevelopment, wherever it may take me… I created URI.js, worked on Smarty, podcast via @workingdraft and push links to @jscentral

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Harry Roberts

Consultant Front-end Architect • Writer • Speaker • Previously Senior Developer at BSkyB • Available from November, 2013.

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Paul Lewis

Googler, generally to be found noodling with HTML5 and WebGL. Lover of creative coding, physics simulations and the solving of problems. Views my own etc bio from Twitter

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Vincent Hoogsteder

Co-founder and CEO of @distimo, plays guitar in @tryacrobatics bio from Twitter

Vesku Hartikainen

Engineer. Gadget lover. Jolla Sailor. All opinions are my own. If you don't like them I have others. bio from Twitter

Benedict Evans

Ex tech/telco banking, ex TMT BD & strategy (Orange, C4, NBCU). Now looking for difficult things to do. bio from Twitter

Smashing Conference

Smashing Conference, an event for Web designers and developers. Organized by Marc Thiele and Vitaly Friedman. bio from Twitter

Guy Podjarny

Web Performance and Security expert, specializing in Mobile Web Performance, Chief Product Architect at Akamai (tweets mine, and don't represent Akamai's views) bio from Twitter

A Book Apart

Brief books for people who make websites. bio from Twitter