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Estelle Weyl

Looking at your source code since 1999.

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Dan Saffer

Designs and writes about products. Creative Director at @SmartDesign. Latest book: #Microinteractions http://microinteractions.com bio from Twitter

Santiago Hollmann

A mozillian who loves the Open Web. I am a Product Marketing Intern at Mozilla. Únete a la comunidad! http://www.mozilla-hispano.org bio from Twitter

Sam Lawrence

CEO, Crushpath. Deals don't happen in a database. bio from Twitter

Fernando Parra

Looking for what technology will hold for us in the future. Love crossfit training and eating healthy food. bio from Twitter


Drupal User experience maintainer and Interaction Designer. bio from Twitter

Janko Jovanovic

Designing digital products. Traveling at warp speed. bio from Twitter

Gustavo Salvini

Italo-Argentino. Soñador. Mis intereses: Amistades, Solidaridad, Viajes, Guitarra, Fogones, Pink Floyd, Patagonia, Trekking, Lectura, Aprender. bio from Twitter

Alan Cooper

Software Alchemist. President of Cooper, 'Father of Visual Basic,' inventor of design personas, produced 'the first serious business software' for PCs bio from Twitter

Simon Thompson

Intranets are just starting points for transforming businesses. I make intranets that serve real needs. Some-time SharePoint wrangler. Dad of 2, often silly. bio from Twitter


User Interface Engineering is a leading research, training, and consulting firm specializing in UX, web site and product usability. 1.978.327.5561 bio from Twitter

Brandon Satrom

Director of Product Management @Telerik | writer & optimistic nay-sayer | Author of Building Polyfills from @OReillyMedia | ♘

Roy Scholten

Drupal UX expert. Interaction designer @puurpxl. I remove things from your design. bio from Twitter

Kate Brodock

Exec Dir Dig/Soc Media @SyracuseU | Founder @othersidegroup | CMO @GITweet | Board @metaactivism | @Forbes | new media*tech*world*news* hilariousness*life bio from Twitter

Dan Martell

Family first! CEO/Founder of http://Clarity.fm. Co-Founder of @Flowtown (Acquired '11). Angel investor http://angel.co/danmartell. Passions #marketing #design bio from Twitter

Stephen P. Anderson

All things related to the Mental Notes card deck! Updates & announcements, but mostly links to Psychology & Design related articles. bio from Twitter

Edward Tufte

Artist, professor emeritus of political science, statistics, and computer science at Yale, noted for writings on information design and data visualization. bio from Twitter

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