Proponent of dynamically typed languages. Arranges conferences and sci-fi boardgame programming competitons. Go figure.

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  1. Droidcon Stockholm 2014

    Sweden Sweden, Stockholm

    9th10th October 2014

    psvensson was involved

  2. Mashup Nod

    Sweden Sweden, Kista

    17th19th September 2014

    psvensson spoke

  3. Escape from /dev/null Poland

    Poland Poland, Krakow

    14th September 2013

    psvensson was involved

  4. Escape from /dev/null

    United States United States, Redwood City

    16th March 2013

    psvensson was involved

  5. Escape from /dev/null - Stockhom, November 2012

    Sweden Sweden, Stockholm

    4th November 2012

    psvensson was involved Organiser

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