Rachel Andrew

Web developer, writer, speaker and Director of http://t.co/1LDA7o2u

I have been a web developer since 1997, running edgeofmyseat.com since 2001. We're now a product company, focusing our energy ... See full bio

Bristol in England

Spoken at 60 events in 13 countries

Upcoming speaking appearances

  1. MicroConf Europe

    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    31st August to 1st September 2015

  2. Full Stack Fest

    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    1st5th September 2015

  3. Generate London 2015

    England England, London

    17th18th September 2015

  4. National Association of Government Web Professionals

    United States United States, Albuquerque

    23rd25th September 2015

  5. Paris Web 2015

    France France, Paris

    1st3rd October 2015

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Rachel Andrew is attending

  1. Future of Web Apps London

    England England, London

    5th7th October 2015

    Rachel Andrew is speaking

  2. Fronteers 2015

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    8th9th October 2015

    Rachel Andrew is speaking

  3. Release Notes

    United States United States, Indianapolis

    21st23rd October 2015

    Rachel Andrew is speaking

  4. An Event Apart San Francisco 2015

    United States United States, San Francisco

    2nd4th November 2015

    Rachel Andrew is speaking

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