Rachel Davies

XP developer

Rachel Davies is co-author of the first “Agile Coaching” book and works in as a software developer applying XP. Follow ... See full bio

Rugby in England

Spoken at 43 events in 16 countries

Rachel Davies recently attended

  1. Software Craftsmanship London

    England England, Greater London

    5th6th October 2017

    Rachel Davies spoke

  2. Agile Greece Summit 2017

    Greece Greece, Athens

    22nd September 2017

    Rachel Davies spoke

  3. XP2016

    Scotland Scotland, Edinburgh

    24th27th May 2016

    Rachel Davies spoke

  4. I T.A.K.E Unconference 2016

    Romania Romania, Bucharest

    19th20th May 2016

    Rachel Davies spoke

  5. Craft Conf 2016

    Hungary Hungary, Budapest

    26th29th April 2016

    Rachel Davies spoke

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