Rafael Winterhalter

software consultant who likes static types

Rafael works as a software consultant in Oslo, Norway. He is a proponent of static typing and a JVM enthusiast ... See full bio

Oslo in Norway

Spoken at 47 events in 16 countries

Spoke at 5 past events in Germany

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  1. JAX 2017

    Germany Germany, Mainz

    8th12th May 2017

    Rafael Winterhalter spoke

  2. VOXXED Days Berlin 2016

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    28th29th January 2016

    Rafael Winterhalter spoke

  3. JUG Munich | JUG meeting

    Germany Germany, Munich

    3rd September 2015

    Rafael Winterhalter spoke

  4. JavaLand 2015

    Germany Germany, Brühl

    24th25th March 2015

    Rafael Winterhalter spoke

  5. Source Talk Tage 2014

    Germany Germany, Göttingen

    26th27th August 2014

    Rafael Winterhalter spoke

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