Reg Braithwaite

At either end of the educational spectrum, there lies a hacker class. I work at GitHub.

Reginald "Raganwald" Braithwaite is proof that somewhere, a village is missing its idiot. Either that, or a combinatory forest is ... See full bio

Leslieville in Canada

Spoken at 15 events in 5 countries

Reg Braithwaite recently attended

  1. Nordic.js

    Sweden Sweden, Stockholm

    18th19th September 2014

    Reg Braithwaite spoke

  2. NDC Oslo 2014

    Norway Norway, Oslo

    2nd6th June 2014

    Reg Braithwaite spoke

  3. FutureJS

    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    1st3rd May 2014

    Reg Braithwaite spoke

  4. Barcelona Ruby Conference 2013

    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    14th15th September 2013

    Reg Braithwaite spoke

  5. Spainjs 2013

    Spain Spain, Madrid

    4th6th July 2013

    Reg Braithwaite spoke

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