Axel Rauschmayer

JavaScript: blogger @2ality, trainer @Ecmanauten, organizer @MunichJS. Books: @SpeakingJS (ES5), @ExploringJS (ES6). Newsletter: @ESnextNews.

Spoken at 25 events in 11 countries

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Tracy Osborn

Designer, developer, speaker, and entreprenerd. Author of Hello Web App and creator of WeddingLovely.

/'supərsolɛ/ ㋛

Devevangineer at Mozilla. Building real time audio+graphics experiments with JavaScript; breaking half the browsers in the process. It's fun!

Ben Nadel

Co-founder of @InVisionApp, Inc. I live and breathe #JavaScript, #NodeJS, #AngularJS, #ColdFusion, and #UserExperience. Also, I love movies! bio from Twitter

James K Nelson

I've been writing #JavaScript for over half my life, and would like to share what I've learned along the way. bio from Twitter

Nolan Lawson

Dual-wield Webomancer/Andruid. Currently: @Squarespace and @PouchDB. Formerly: CatLog, KeepScore, Pokédroid. bio from Twitter

Raquel Vélez

hacker of the web (node.js at @npmjs), robotics engineer, polyglot, (cal)techer, amateur baker bio from Twitter

István Szmozsánszky (Flaki)

JS dev | #FirefoxOS Hungary | @mozilla reps mentor | #Tessel TM | freeskate fanatic | a bit Rusty | mobile/IoT/NFC | Frontend Trainer @ DPC — @PossibleCEE alumn

David Pich

Front-End Developer

Virginia Poltrack

Designer, artist, dachshund-loving, Star Wars watching, tattooed, code-writing blonde girl.Google Glass explorer! bio from Twitter

Todd Motto

Founder of Voux.io, AngularJS and JavaScript evangelist

Bradley Meck

boy computers games cartoons books drawing nerding quiet bio from Twitter

Kent C. Dodds

It's **Kent C. Dodds** - mormon, family man, JavaScripter http://medium.com/@kentcdodds #JavaScript #NodeJS #ReactJS #AngularJS @PayPalEng @eggheadio @JavaScriptAir bio from Twitter

Sara Soueidan 🐦

Freelance front-end Web developer & speaker. CSS, SVG, UI/X, a11y, JS. Always learning. net Developer of the Year 2015. Available for hire. bio from Twitter

Peter Aitken

Agile, Ruby & JS Monkey. Looking after @ScotlandJS, @ScotlandCSS & @gdCFPday. Working at @litmusapp bio from Twitter


Involved in @JSCraftCamp @JSCodeRetreat @es6katas working at @holidaychecklab bio from Twitter

Rich Harris

Web handyman. Pseudo-journalist. Camera geek. Collector of useless knowledge. Yorkshireman. Currently making interactive stories for @guardian bio from Twitter

Tom Van Cutsem

Computer scientist at Bell Labs. Programming languages, distributed systems, Javascript, node.js, Erlang, Clojure bio from Twitter

Mark Dalgleish

🦄 CSS Modules co-creator, @MelbJS organiser. Full-stack ECMAScript addict, interaction design enthusiast, coffee drinker ☕ DesignOps Lead at @seekjobs 🍦🇦🇺✌️ bio from Twitter