Robert Chatley

Software Engineer/Consultant at Develogical. Lecturer at Imperial and Oxford.

London in England

Spoken at 12 events in 4 countries

Robert Chatley recently attended

  1. The First International Conference on Software Archaeology

    England England, London

    31st January 2014

    Robert Chatley was involved Curator

  2. Agile Cambridge 2013

    England England, Cambridge

    25th27th September 2013

    Robert Chatley spoke

  3. SPA 2013

    England England, London

    23rd26th June 2013

    Robert Chatley attended

  4. ACCU 2013

    England England, Bristol

    9th13th April 2013

    Robert Chatley spoke

  5. miniSPA 2012

    England England, Nottingham

    12th November 2012

    Robert Chatley was involved SPA 2013 conference programme co-chair

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