Peter Jones

A complex adaptive human system, Redesigner & OCADU Design prof in Strategic Foresight & Innovation. Expanding the present to make pathways for better futures.

Dr. Peter Jones is associate professor at OCAD University where he teaches in the Strategic Foresight and Innovation graduate program. ... See full bio

Toronto in Canada

Spoken at 10 events in 5 countries

13 past events

  1. Relating Systems Thinking and Design 4 Symposium

    Canada Canada, Banff

    1st3rd September 2015

    Peter Jones was involved

  2. Relating Systems Thinking & Design 3

    Norway Norway, Oslo

    15th17th October 2014

    Peter Jones was involved spoke

  3. Design & Health World Congress & Exhibition

    Canada Canada, Toronto

    9th13th July 2014

    Peter Jones spoke

  4. CHI 2014

    Canada Canada, Toronto

    26th April to 1st May 2014

    Peter Jones attended

  5. World IA Day 2014 - Washington, DC

    United States United States, Arlington

    15th February 2014

    Peter Jones spoke

  6. MEDlove

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    23rd November 2012

    Peter Jones spoke

  7. National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation

    United States United States, Seattle

    11th14th October 2012

    Peter Jones spoke

  8. Relating Systems Thinking and Design

    Norway Norway, Oslo

    4th5th October 2012

    Peter Jones spoke

  9. WebVisions Portland 2012

    United States United States, Portland

    16th18th May 2012

    Peter Jones spoke

  10. International Symposium on Service Systems Science 2012

    Japan Japan, Tokyo

    23rd February 2012

    Peter Jones spoke

  11. CHI 2011

    Canada Canada, Vancouver

    7th12th May 2011

    Peter Jones attended

  12. Healthcare Experience Design 2011

    United States United States, Boston

    11th April 2011

    Peter Jones spoke

  13. Synergetics

    United States United States, Carbondale

    7th8th April 2011

    Peter Jones spoke

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