Remy Sharp

I invented sleep patterns. Honest. They're even named after me.

Remy is the founder and curator of Full Frontal, the UK based JavaScript conference. He also ran jQuery for Designers, ... See full bio

Brighton in England

Spoken at 87 events in 13 countries

Remy Sharp recently attended

  1. ffconf 2017

    England England, Brighton

    9th10th November 2017

    Remy Sharp was involved Curator

  2. Paris Web 2017

    France France, Paris

    5th7th October 2017

    Remy Sharp spoke

  3. Reasons to: 2017

    England England, Brighton

    4th6th September 2017

    Remy Sharp spoke

  4. infoShare 2017

    Poland Poland, Gdansk

    17th19th May 2017

    Remy Sharp spoke

  5. JSConf EU 2017

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    6th7th May 2017

    Remy Sharp attended

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