Rich Gilbank

Developer at @Shopify (previously @jetcooper), co-organizer of @NodeSchoolTO. Scratch JS (http://goo.gl/x3JVAU ).

Rich Gilbank has been a developer at Shopify, one of Canada’s leading SaaS companies, ever since it acquired Jet Cooper, ... See full bio

Toronto in Canada

Spoken at 4 events in 3 countries

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  1. Full Stack Toronto's #fstoconf15 presented by TELUS

    Canada Canada, Toronto

    14th15th November 2015

    Rich Gilbank was involved Board Memeber

  2. JSConf US 2014

    United States United States, Amelia Island

    28th30th May 2014

    Rich Gilbank attended

  3. FITC Toronto 2014

    Canada Canada, Toronto

    27th29th April 2014

    Rich Gilbank spoke

  4. jQueryTO 2014

    Canada Canada, Toronto

    15th16th March 2014

    Rich Gilbank attended


    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    24th25th February 2014

    Rich Gilbank spoke

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