Richard Prowse

Head of Digital

My name is Rich, and I’m Head of Digital at the University of Bath. I lead an 18 strong team ... See full bio

Bath in England

Spoken at 9 events in 2 countries

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  1. IWMW 2017

    England England, Canterbury

    11th13th July 2017

    Richard Prowse was involved Member of IWMW 2017 advisory group & master class facilitator spoke

  2. ContentEd

    England England, London

    29th30th June 2017

    Richard Prowse spoke

  3. IWMW 2016

    England England, Liverpool City

    21st23rd June 2016

    Richard Prowse spoke

  4. IWMW 2015

    England England, Ormskirk

    27th29th July 2015

    Richard Prowse spoke

  5. Bath Content Meetup #7

    England England, Bath

    3rd June 2015

    Richard Prowse was involved Co-Founder

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