senior producer @brilliantnoise / @ rifa.co.uk / founder of @SheSaysBrighton

Curator and compere for SheSays Brighton events. Spoke at Women and Innovation seminar, University of Brighton, June 2014; Spoke at ... See full bio

Brighton and Hove City in England

Spoken at 2 events in 1 country

Rifa is attending

  1. Ada's List @ Dublin Web Summit

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    3rd November 2014

    Rifa is attending

  2. UX Camp Brighton 2014

    England England, Brighton

    15th November 2014

    Rifa is attending

  3. Topconf Tallinn 2014

    Estonia Estonia, Tallinn

    19th20th November 2014

    Rifa is attending

  4. Eurobest 2014

    Finland Finland, Helsinki

    1st3rd December 2014

    Rifa is attending

  5. SXSW interactive 2015

    United States United States, Austin

    13th17th March 2015

    Rifa is attending

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