Founder of Refigure, SheSays Brighton organiser, DJ on Juice 107.2, Trustee for Lighthouse Arts & PlatformB, Mentor at The Hive Brighton

Spoke at UX Camp Brighton, Wellbeing At Work Edinburgh, Mind The Code and Business panel for the Times in 2016. ... See full bio

Brighton and Hove City in England

Spoken at 5 events in 1 country

Rifa recently attended

  1. SheSays Brighton - Climb Every Mountain! ... overcoming obstacles

    England England, Brighton

    25th May 2016

    Rifa was involved SheSays Brighton organiser

  2. UX Camp Brighton 2016

    England England, Brighton and Hove City

    19th March 2016

    Rifa attended

  3. SheSays Brighton - Make It Work! .. passion & purpose

    England England, Brighton

    15th March 2016

    Rifa was involved SheSays Organiser and Host

  4. SheSays Brighton - Dream big!...

    England England, Brighton

    26th November 2015

    Rifa was involved spoke

  5. She Codes Brighton - Pub Meetup

    England England, Brighton and Hove City

    29th October 2015

    Rifa attended

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