Robert Lehmann

curious Python hacker & IT Systems Engineering student

Spoken at 2 events in 2 countries

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Daniel Neuhäuser

Pocoo developer with an interest in web development and programming languages bio from Twitter

Carl Friedrich Bolz

PyPy contributor. Broadly interested in dynamic language implementations. bio from Twitter

Christoph Sterz

A-Levels [checked]. Military Services [checked]. Softwareengineering [pending]. bio from Twitter

Stephen Diehl

I am Stephen a Pythonista, Haskeller, and coffee addict. bio from Twitter

Maciej Fijalkowski

Core developer of the pypy project. bio from Twitter

Dominik Weiss

Frontend-Freelancer / Micro-Entrepreneur / Rails-Developer / Foodie / Longboarder

Jordan Baker

Agile Web developer & Pythonista with a dash of devops

Brandon Rhodes

Python programmer who enjoys web design, beautiful code, gin, craft beer, and the Oxford comma.

Ned Batchelder

Python, software, typography, juggling, Boston, sometimes autism. Laughing at the world doesn't mean I don't take it seriously. bio from Twitter

Steve Holden

Web technologist. Former Python Software Foundation board member and chairman.

Filip Noetzel

I have an irrational fear of rebooting. bio from Twitter

Michael Foord

Python programmer, writer and blogger. Working for Canonical, living in Northampton UK. For my non-geek updates only, follow @mfoord instead. bio from Twitter

Phil Hassey

I make games .. www.galcon.com for more. bio from Twitter

Jim McKeeth

Developer Evangelist for Embarcadero Technologies and host of the Podcast at http://Delphi.org bio from Twitter

Armin Ronacher

Games, Open Source, Web & Networking, Speaker. Raw, unfiltered — Keep in mind when quoting. Working for @fireteamltd. bio from Twitter

Alex Gaynor

when in doubt, program a computer. bio from Twitter

Frank Wierzbicki

Canonical Developer, Jython Project Lead, PSF member, programming language collector bio from Twitter