Ron Edelen

Chief Creative Officer + Co-founder of Myjive

Ron is Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Myjive, a group of digital service-based businesses that specialize in digital marketing, ... See full bio

Charlotte in United States

Spoken at 14 events in 2 countries

Ron Edelen recently attended

  1. Web Unleashed 2016

    Canada Canada, Toronto

    3rd4th October 2016

    Ron Edelen spoke

  2. Front End Design Conf

    United States United States, St. Petersburg

    15th17th June 2016

    Ron Edelen spoke

  3. ConvergeSE 2016

    United States United States, Columbia

    13th15th April 2016

    Ron Edelen spoke

  4. Web Unleashed 2015

    Canada Canada, Toronto

    16th17th September 2015

    Ron Edelen spoke

  5. GIANT Conference 2015

    United States United States, Charleston

    14th17th June 2015

    Ron Edelen spoke

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