Rosie Clarke

Marketer, arts reviewer, traveller, online cultural publisher, wannabe tech geek, love exploring new ideas, places and people! This is my personal account.

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Alessandra Caggiano

Enthusiast networker. A naturally curious soul, fascinated by the entrepreneurial spirit. Passionate about art, cultures & languages. bio from Twitter

Jake Orr

I make theatre. I do theatre marketing/social media. I blog and review theatre. I am Editor and Founder of @ayoungertheatre - (Personal opinions/tweets) bio from Twitter

Dan Hett

Senior gamedev for BBC Children's / creative programmer / livecoder / VJ / software destroyer. BITRITUALS when I'm doing it live.

Neil Milliken

Head of Accessibility & Digital Inclusion @Atos. Fascinated by all things mobile/shiny/geeky. Contributor: Cognitive #a11y TF. Neurodiverse. Tweets = personal. bio from Twitter

Hannah Smith

SEO & PPC & CSI & Wot Not. Taller than the Conversion Rate Experts' Squirrel...But only just. bio from Twitter

Pat Hadley

Web developer and museum geek @cogapp. Poorly preserved archaeologist remains. Longer thoughts: https://medium.com/@pathadley (on a sort of twitter break) bio from Twitter

stacy-marie ishmael

Past & present @FT: VP Communities; Tilt editor; original @ftalpha-villain. smi@ft.com. @percolate alum. #awesomewomen. Into product. Trinidadian-at-large. bio from Twitter

Google Art Project

Discover exhibits and collections from museums and archives all around the world. Explore cultural treasures, from hidden gems to masterpieces. bio from Twitter

Charles Stross

I tell lies for money.

Alberto Nardelli

Entrepreneur, co-founder of @tweetminster, former ceo at unltdworld (now part of guardian news and media). I love politics, film, fashion and food. bio from Twitter

tressie mc

Sociologist. PhD student: Orgs & Isms, #4profits. I tried to shut up once; it ended badly for all. #IntellectualCatfish #EmoryU & #TheFeministWire bio from Twitter

Chris McCrudden

New Media at Midas PR. Books, technology, social media: occasional boylesque starlet. bio from Twitter

Hester Gersonius

New Media @amsterdammuseum | Owner of Manic Monday | wannabe blogger | cat lover bio from Twitter

Mikey Smith

Student Media Coordinator at @SheffieldSU. Reporter at @PSbook. Shortlisted for Reporter of the Year at @gdnstudentmedia '11 - Writer and Indie DJ. bio from Twitter

Lauren Currie

I think and do service. Interested in social and cultural change. ( @mypolice @wearesnook, @servicedesignMS @studiounbound ) bio from Twitter

Jenni Fuchs

Museologist. Photographer. Cake baker. Blogger. Founder of @Museum140. German by birth, Scottish at heart. Tweets in English & Deutsch. bio from Twitter

Willard Foxton

Professional Storyteller & Media Condottiere. Development producer @Pioneer_Prods, writer for @telegraphblogs & others. Feminist, Multiculturalist, Tory. bio from Twitter

ann friedman

Executive editor of @GOOD. Curator of @LadyJournos. bio from Twitter

Siobhan Gibson

Copywriter @EpiphanySearch. Netizen, food-lover, gamer, reader, TV addict. Will consider payment in form of cupcakes and/or gin. bio from Twitter