Rotem Hermon

VP Architecture at Gigya

Rotem Hermon is VP Architecture at Gigya, and has been building and designing back-end systems for a long time now. See full bio

Tel Aviv-Yafo in Israel

Spoken at 9 events in 6 countries

Rotem Hermon recently attended

  1. ConFoo Vancouver 2016

    Canada Canada, Vancouver

    5th7th December 2016

    Rotem Hermon spoke

  2. Geektime DevFest 2016

    Israel Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo

    20th November 2016

    Rotem Hermon spoke

  3. Øredev 2016

    Sweden Sweden, Malmo

    7th11th November 2016

    Rotem Hermon spoke

  4. O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference

    England England, London

    18th21st October 2016

    Rotem Hermon spoke

  5. DevconTLV March

    Israel Israel, Tel Aviv

    22nd March 2016

    Rotem Hermon spoke

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