Roy Tomeij

Co-founder of @AppSignal. Freelance front-end architect, Sass evangelist, trainer & speaker.

Amsterdam in Netherlands

Spoken at 36 events in 11 countries

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Rayta van Rijswijk

โค๏ธ Technology | @AppSignal | #TEDxAmsWomen | #AMSxTech | Wanna-be-nerd | Learning Ruby | #Amsrb | You can find me in the gym | bio from Twitter

Sarah Drasner

Award-winning speaker. Consultant. Writer @Real_CSS_Tricks. Cofounder, https://webanimationworkshops.com/ , formerly @trulia (Zillow). http://codepen.io/sdras/

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YGLF 2017

Israel Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo

30th31st October 2017

Sticker Mule

Custom Stickers That Kick Ass bio from Twitter

Glen Maddern ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Local business owner and whipped papaya enthusiast. Creator of Front End Center. Co-creator of styled-components, CSS Modules. Over uses emoji ๐Ÿ˜Ž bio from Twitter


We're listening to your feedback and posting news, tips & updates. Need a response or immediate help? Please visit www.delta.com/talktous. bio from Twitter

Thomas van Zuijlen

Front-ender with a BSc in PoliSci. Breeze shooter, film buff, music lover, comic reader. Organizer for Fronteers Conference and Fronteers Spring Conference.

Call To Speakers

Find your voice; speak at a conference bio from Twitter

Daniel Na

Front-end Infrastructure at Etsy

Una Kravets

Front End Developer @IBMDesign

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StarsConf 2017

Chile Chile, Santiago

3rd4th November 2017

Wes Bos

Designer / Developer into JavaScript, jQuery, Node, PHP and WordPress. Instructor at #hackeryou #ladieslearningcode bio from Twitter

Michael Mifsud

Frontend developer @99designs. Open sourcerer. Co-organiser of @CSSConfAU and @MelbCSS. Libsass core member. @nodesass project lead. bio from Twitter

Vitaly Friedman

Author, speaker, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, an online magazine for professional Web designers and developers.

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Heydon Pickering

Radicalized CSS coder, WAI-ARIA convert and font hacker (http://heydonworks.com/article/font-hacking). @smashingmag expert panelist. Atheist. bio from Twitter

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Andrรฉ Medeiros

Rubyist. Mad scientist / build breaker at @publitas. @amsrb co-organizer. bio from Twitter

Bryce Roberts

VC, Dad bio from Twitter

Cat Noone

Co-founder and Designer for Liberio

Josh Pigford

I make stuff for a living: Sabotage, PopSurvey, Temper, PugSpot, Tiny Farmstead and lots of other little bits and pieces of internet awesome.

Hugo Giraudel

CSS goblin. Sass hacker. Margin psycho. Author of @Browserhacks, @SassDoc_ and a lot of Sass stuff: https://github.com/HugoGiraudel/awesome-sass. bio from Twitter

Jan van Hellemond

Full-stack web developer @frontlab, organiser @FronteersConf, Pythonista, real estate novelist, jaywalker, jive talker.