Rich Waters

Ext JS - Sencha Touch - WebRTC

Have been speaking about Ext JS & Sencha technologies since the frameworks roots as YUI-Ext in 2007. Always enjoy pushing ... See full bio

Los Angeles in United States

Spoken at 10 events in 3 countries

Rich Waters recently attended

  1. ModUX 2013

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    18th20th September 2013

    Rich Waters spoke

  2. SenchaCon 2013

    United States United States, Orlando

    16th19th July 2013

    Rich Waters spoke

  3. SourceDevCon 2012

    England England, London

    2nd5th May 2012

    Rich Waters spoke

  4. Sencha Conference 2011

    United States United States, Austin

    23rd26th October 2011

    Rich Waters spoke

  5. The Ajax Experience 2009

    United States United States, Boston

    14th16th September 2009

    Rich Waters spoke

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