Marko Samastur

I build stuff.

Ljubljana in Slovenia

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Simon Belak

Philosopher-hacker. Sometimes theatre director. Making myself obsolete at @Metabase bio from Twitter


Affordable one day conference gathering together supersmart people who will provoke, entertain, and stimulate you. Next event: 11 September 2015. bio from Twitter


Meteor is an open-source platform for building top-quality web apps in a fraction of the time, whether you're an expert developer or just getting started. bio from Twitter


DjangoCon US, Sept. 6 - 11, 2015 bio from Twitter


We’re a London-based service design agency that transforms businesses through innovation. #servicedesign #innovation #designthinking bio from Twitter


#immigrant, stealing design jobs worldwide & designing things @andium #IoT. bio from Twitter

Tomaz Muraus

Code, distributed systems, open source software, startups. Currently: @Stack_Storm | Previously: @Cloudkick, @Rackspace, @DivvyCloud. Also hack on @Libcloud.


Browsers all the way down. Why is there a browser on this orange? All opinions are of that guy I met in the pub last night. bio from Twitter

Clay Shirky

Bald. Unreliable. Easily distracte bio from Twitter

Inmaculada Martinez

UK Trade & Investment Catalyst Ambassador, tech entrepreneur, angel investor, speaker, author, #entreprenation http://about.me/inmaculadamartinez bio from Twitter

Radovan Lozej

web developer / programmer bio from Twitter

Ian Fenn

UX consultant; Former comedy producer; Trained Chinese chef; Ecyclist; Non-binary; Disabled; Droll; Writing 'Designing a UX portfolio' http://lobsterbook.com/ bio from Twitter

John Resig

Creator of jQuery, JavaScript programmer, author, Japanese woodblock nerd (http://ukiyo-e.org), work at Khan Academy.

Jen van der Meer

Health + Green + Design + Metrics + Behavior + Open Innovation | @LuminaryLabs | @ITP_NYU | @svaPOD | @HECParis bio from Twitter

Richard Rutter

Cofounder of Clearleft. Designer of digital things and self-styled web typography evangelist.

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Bret Victor

This bus don't stop. bio from Twitter

Jannis Leidel

Software developer working on the web, Mozillian, PSF & DSF member, fan of coffee and Star Trek, occasional traveler.

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