Samuel Santos

Java developer, JUG leader and Web researcher advocating web standards and semantic technologies.

Samuel is a passionate Java and Open Source evangelist and a JUG leader of PT.JUG, the Portuguese Java User Group. ... See full bio

Coimbra in Portugal

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  1. 17º encontro PT.JUG com a presença do António Gonçalves

    Portugal Portugal, Lisbon

    5th August 2014

    Samuel Santos was involved JUG Leader

  2. Lançamento Java 8 em Portugal

    Portugal Portugal, Lisbon

    13th April 2014

    Samuel Santos was involved JUG Leader

  3. Codebits VII

    Portugal Portugal, Lisbon

    10th12th April 2014

    Samuel Santos attended

  4. Primeiro encontro virtual do PT.JUG

    Portugal Portugal

    25th March 2014

    Samuel Santos was involved PT.JUG Leader

  5. 13º encontro PT.JUG

    Portugal Portugal, Lisbon

    16th January 2014

    Samuel Santos was involved

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