Sami Niemelä

Creative Director, Designer and a maker of change.

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You've probably read about designers being the next management consultants. Well, that's what I do. At Nordkapp we help companies become the next, better versions of themselves. We do it by applying design and empathy to both discovering and understanding the current state and its challenges and figuring out the right future worth fighting for, and then help organisations to grow by proposing concrete solutions and directions and ways to deliver and implement what's needed to change in a smart, sustainable and resilient way. The difference with traditional consulting is we bridge the gap between ideas and actions with world class design capability.

My daily work fluctuates between strategy consulting, getting my hands dirty with creative work and making sure every one of our designers are able to do the best work of their career. Sharing successes, owning mistakes and that kind of stuff. I love what I do.

In the past, my work has taken me all over the world from Silicon Valley to Hyderabad and back, and the results have been recognized worldwide with both awards and design patents. I have also had the priviledge to speak at events all over Europe, lecture at Aalto University Business School for over 10 years, co-found IxDA Helsinki in 2008 and co-chair the Interaction 16 -conference in Helsinki, March 2016.


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