Savvas Dalkitsis

Lead Android Developer at ASOS. http://www.thecodingandroid.com/

International Speaker, focusing on clean code, testing methodologies and Android See full bio

Greater London in England

Spoken at 17 events in 9 countries

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Link dumps and retweets. Mostly Android development, sometimes functional programming, game development, and computer science. bio from Twitter

Jonas Huckestein

co-founder of ark.com, director of experience at #startupbus, german expat in san francisco bio from Twitter

Kat Christofer

Word ninja & @WooCommerce docs gardener @automattic. Surfer girl, cookie lover, friend. Californian by birth, world citizen and nomadic by choice bio from Twitter

Ana Baotic

Technical Manager, Mobile Banking at Infinum

Kelly Shuster

Developer. Tech diversity advocate. Musician. Dancer. Life-long student. bio from Twitter

Kishore Hari

Bringing conversation back into science, one community at a time. bio from Twitter

Erik Hellman

Exploring advanced concepts on mobile platforms at Sony Ericsson with a focus on Android. bio from Twitter

Mark Allison

Mobile Innovator, Author of http://blog.stylingandroid.com, Magician, Mindreader, Singer, Guitarist, Watford FC Supporter bio from Twitter

Jon Reeve

Geek, programmer, prolific coffee consumer. bio from Twitter


Mobile Developer specialising in Android and best practice advocate. On the flip side I enjoy bettering myself, currently trying handstand pushups and Arabic bio from Twitter


Augmented Citizen Advocate -Vision: open + innovative + green + transparent = sustainable society - Interest: Socionetics, Augmented Reality, AI bio from Twitter

John Sundell

iOS & OS X developer. Lead mobile developer @Spotify by day - indie game developer by night. Creator of @SwordsArrows, Unbox/Wrap & Flow. bio from Twitter


World's biggest Android Conference

Samantha Hepburn

Tech PR & community lover! Partnerships Lead @GA_London. Organiser for @TechJobsLondon and founder of @NTWnTech bio from Twitter

John Stevenson

Speaker, author, conference organiser & community obsessed developer - loves Clojure, Emacs, Cats, Cycling & Agile development. @Heroku @SalesforceDevs

MichaƂ Gruca

Problem solver and father of many impl classes (not to proud about it)