Christof Glaser

Ruby & Javascript developer.

Leipzig in Germany

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Zsuzsa Kovacs


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One day affordable conference for front end engineers. bio from Twitter

Joe Armstrong

Grumpy old man who is neither old nor grumpy bio from Twitter

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Strange Loop Conf

Official tweets for the Strange Loop software conference. Sept 23-25, 2012, St. Louis, MO - hope you can make it! bio from Twitter

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The Indian edition of the international Ruby programming language conference. bio from Twitter

Bridget Kromhout

Principal Technologist for @cloudfoundry at @pivotal. Podcasts @arresteddevops. Organizes @devopsdays. Was ops at @DramaFever.

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Chris Lattner

The revolution will be Swift! LLVM & Clang are pretty nice too :-) bio from Twitter

Alex Cornell

Designer at Facebook (working on Live Video). Previously: Moonbase, UberConference, ISO50. bio from Twitter

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Sonja Heinen

Visual designer & ruby apprentice. Mostly human. Speculatively organizing SocksCon. bio from Twitter

Ruby Rogues

A podcast by panel about Ruby and related technologies. bio from Twitter

Liz Keogh

Lean / Agile consultant, hard-core BDDer, blogger, haiku poet, mind-mapper, fantasy author, programmer, Londoner and unrepentant Goth.

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Garth Williams

Software Engineer bio from Twitter

Trisha Gee

Java Developer & Community Leader

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Saša Jurić

erlangelist bio from Twitter

Amber Case

Director, Esri R&D Center Portland. Cofounder #indieweb/@indiewebcamp, calm technology, cyborgs, comics, future of location and mobile. Frequent speaker.

Guillermo Rauch

CTO and co-founder of LearnBoost, developer & inventor of,,, curator, open source enthusiast, blogger. bio from Twitter

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jsDay 2017

Italy Italy, Verona

10th11th May 2017

Godfrey Chan

Canadian / Computer Science Fiction Writer / #Rails Core Team / / @BrewhouseTeam / Not @horsecancode

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