Jordi Boggiano

Co-Founder of @packagist – Dev at @TeamupCalendar – #ComposerPHP lead – Wandering Belgian – OSS Wishlist: http://seld.be/wishlist

Zurich in Switzerland

Spoken at 52 events in 21 countries

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Server Density

SaaS infrastructure monitoring. Dashboards, graphs and alerts to help you improve performance and maintain uptime. Organizer of @humanops bio from Twitter

Eagle Kalderimis

CEO of Travis CI. Shipping technical debt daily. Studying Thought Leadership 101 under the wise @roidrage. bio from Twitter

David Mytton

Python, MongoDB, Founder & CEO @serverdensity, UK law degree, @openrightsgroup volunteer, Seedcamp 09.

Brent Shaffer

The better Brent. Software Engineer at Google, #symfony fanboy, and folk musician.

Rich Turner

Sr. PM @ Microsoft. Making the Windows command-line cool again! Bringing Bash & Linux to Windows. :D bio from Twitter

Jim Schmid

It's not stupid, it's advanced! bio from Twitter

Christian "Xtra" Schiffler

#codelicious ;) - coding happily for a better world...

Robert Zierhofer

Brain Bug bei Onedrop, Internet Astronaut, Pixel Cowboy und Audio Frickler bio from Twitter


A PHP guy who likes to dance. Host of the @PHPRoundtable bio from Twitter

Filip Noetzel

I have an irrational fear of rebooting. bio from Twitter

Be like water

Why are looking at the profile of a wave? Software Architect. Builder of Artificial Stupidity. DDD apprentice. Opinions are my own. bio from Twitter

Marijn Huizendveld

Co-founder Pink Tie: de start-up gespecialiseerd in kaartverkoop voor de culturele sector. bio from Twitter

Konstantin Haase

CTO & Co-Founder at Travis CI

Scott Wilcox

Web,  Apple and data geek. | http://dor.ky | http://tweekly.fm

Tiago Rodrigues

JavaScript 1.5, Doge consultant. bio from Twitter

Adam Culp

Developer and Consultant, SoFloPHP UG organizer, SunshinePHP Conf organizer


Founder & CTO at eTobb.com

Phil Nash

Developer evangelist for Twilio and Google Developer Expert. I write JavaScript, Ruby and Swift. Probably listening to ska punk right now. console.log('🍻');