Schuyler Towne

Research Scholar at the Ronin Institute, studying the History of Security

Speaker biography

Schuyler Towne got his start as a competitive lockpicker. He regularly competed in the Dutch Open, and once won the American Open. His love for lockpicking eventually bled into a passion for lock engineering, and finally an obsession with the anthropology of physical security. As a Research Scholar at the Ronin Institute he is free to explore the history of security, and strives to understand how changes in security technology have effected culture, and how advances in culture have changed security.

Schuyler has been privileged to speak at dozens of events on a wide range of topics, from lock forensics, to the social structures of modern security. He has lectured at Princeton, MIT and Olin College and trained everyone from toy designers at Hasbro, to law enforcement professionals and plenty of authors, scholars and hackers in between.


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