Schuyler Towne

Research Scholar at the Ronin Institute, studying the History of Security

Schuyler Towne got his start as a competitive lockpicker. He regularly competed in the Dutch Open, and once won the ... See full bio

St. Albans in United States

Spoken at 10 events in 2 countries

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Andromeda Yelton

Romantic analytical Latinist librarian. I listen to librarians and wrangle electrons at Gluejar.com. bio from Twitter

Mossman #RMGCrew

the mossman. proud @utoledo alum. IT guy. #teamchallahback #freemason bio from Twitter

Darryl MacLeod

Senior #CyberSecurity Consultant at @MNP_LLP | @AtlSecCon Board Member | @ecoastinfosec Co-host | #craftbeer | #roadwarrior | #remotework advocate bio from Twitter

Kris French Jr

Aspiring renaissance man. InfoSec professional. Founder of CleveSec. Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. bio from Twitter

snipe ツ

Hacker, CTO, open sorcerer, author, speaker, devops, infosec, gamer, sarcastic, scuba, chaotic neutral, blacksmith, mohawked crimefighter, ENTP, NSFW, 学習者 bio from Twitter

Nick Holzherr

CEO @ http://Whisk.com, @Silicon_Canal advocate, entrepreneur, @bbcapprentice finalist bio from Twitter

Nathan Milford

Operations Engineer for @Outbrain. I ♥ มวยไทย, BJJ, Cinema & Cameras. bio from Twitter


Web app & Appalachian Trail spider web hacker. SANS Instructor. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu noob. Recon-ng module writer. Pwnwiki.io curator. NoVAHacker member. bio from Twitter

Daniel Bogan

Influential about unicorns. bio from Twitter

Lawrence Leung

TV writer, comedian & nerdventurer from ABC1's Choose Your Own Adventure & Unbelievable. Procrastinate here: www.lawrenceleung.com bio from Twitter

Charles Adler

Co-Founder of Kickstarter.com and constant nomad; lived in NYC, SK, SF, ORD and again NYC. I design, run, cycle, and love to hang with my family. bio from Twitter

Yana Welinder

@Wikimedia legal director + @StanfordCIS fellow + @Berkmancenter affiliate. Russian Swede. Tweets=my own. bio from Twitter


Web Geek. Blogger. Bass Player. Reluctant Singer. Food Truck Groupie. Schemer. I'm not a part of your system bio from Twitter


Journalist. Designer. Strategist. Speaker. Now @KnightLab, was @BostonGlobe. New side project: EiC @EveningEdition. mirandamulligan at northwestern edu bio from Twitter

Matt Waite

Journalism Prof. @ U of Nebraska-Lincoln, founder of Drone Journalism Lab, co-founder of Hot Type Consulting LLC, developer of PolitiFact. bio from Twitter

Florian Maier

from zero to hero bio from Twitter

Patrick Neeman

Director of User Experience at Jobvite; runs uxdrinkinggame.com and usabilitycounts.com. bio from Twitter

George Aye

Design Director at Greater Good Studio (@greatergood_) Assistant Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago bio from Twitter

Sarah Edwards

Mac Nerd, Forensic Analyst, Reluctant Twitter-er bio from Twitter

Joshua DeBonis

I design digital, real-world, and board games. Please help support Meriwether, a roleplaying game about Lewis and Clark: http://t.co/FX9LryH6 bio from Twitter

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