Simon Willison

Director of Architecture, Eventbrite

Simon Willison runs the software architecture team at Eventbrite. Prior to that he was the co-founder of, a Y ... See full bio

San Francisco in United States

Spoken at 101 events in 14 countries

Simon Willison is tracking 1272 people

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Evan Miller

Programming. Statistics. Evanomics bio from Twitter

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Phil Walton

Engineer at Google • Web Standards Enthusiast • Open Source Advocate • Developer • Designer • Writer bio from Twitter

Liz Henry

overanalyzes everything and really, really, really wonders why.


Your official source for news, updates and tips from Twitter, Inc. bio from Twitter

Charles Morris

Working on the Spartan/IEplatform @ Microsoft, student & teacher of Buddhist meditation & parent of 2 girls. What could go wrong? bio from Twitter

David Schneider

Actor, writer, comedian, fool. bio from Twitter

Poul-Henning Kamp

Author of a lot of FreeBSD, most of Varnish and tons of other Open Source Software. All your passwords are belong to my md5crypt() bio from Twitter

Frances Berriman

front-end development lead for @govuk & @gdsteam [ why i unfollowed you ]

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hobbies: being silly; feeding the world to software; No DMs; irrational hate of bevels; free range programmer. py/js/cljs/clj bio from Twitter

O'Reilly Fluent

O'Reilly Fluent spotlights the emerging methods, tools, and technologies of the Web Platform including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more. April 20-22, 2015 in SF. bio from Twitter

Bradley Martin

Designer, Entrepreneur, Londondesignz blogger. Co founder Thin Martian & Tweetminster. ZX Spectrums, analog synths, Krautrock. NW6 Massive. Still alive. bio from Twitter


Aggressive taker-on of hobbies. Let's be friends. bio from Twitter


SF is a fractal; we contain multitudes. bio from Twitter

Gary Fleming

Software Engineer bio from Twitter

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Eventbrite Engineers

We build the technology that powers live experiences. bio from Twitter

jesse • I like to cause trouble. bio from Twitter

Richard K Herring

Comedian and writer. bio from Twitter


Lover of code, cheese, beer. Currently working on bio from Twitter

Rob Conery

Cofounder of Tekpub, creator of This Developer's Life, creator of Massive, SubSonic, and a smattering of other OSS stuff. Ruby, .NET, JS, whatever bio from Twitter

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DevDay 2015

Poland Poland, Krakow

16th18th September 2015

Christopher Soghoian

Security and Privacy Researcher bio from Twitter