Simon Willison

Director of Architecture, Eventbrite

Simon Willison runs the software architecture team at Eventbrite. Prior to that he was the co-founder of, a Y ... See full bio

San Francisco in United States

Spoken at 104 events in 15 countries

Simon Willison is tracking 1454 people

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katie moffat

Digital comms & social media specialist (I know...I know). Experienced trainer. Writer for @netmag & others. bio from Twitter

Spitalfields Life

In the midst of life I woke to find myself living in an old house beside Brick Lane in the East End of London bio from Twitter

Diane Coyle

The Enlightened Economist bio from Twitter

Phil Wilson

I rock. bio from Twitter

Noah Veltman

2013 Knight-Mozilla Fellow, BBC News; web developer; photographer; SF Bay Area native; internet safari guide. bio from Twitter

David Lammy

Labour Member of Parliament for Tottenham, author of Out of the Ashes: Britain after the riots - bio from Twitter

Tom Viner

Python, Django & general nerd at large. Interested in almost everything. Senior Python Dev @hogarthww


I would be really worried if I could describe my life in fewer than 160 chars. bio from Twitter

Clint Smith

Teacher. Poet. PhD Candidate at Harvard University. Mario Kart Champion. bio from Twitter

Vicki Murley

Safari Technologies Evangelist at Apple. bio from Twitter

Jim Waterson

Deputy Editor at @BuzzFeedUK on BuzzFeed News. York City supporter. Want to talk? Email / send a DM / @ me. Follow @BuzzFeedUKPol. bio from Twitter

Jenn Schiffer

Enthusiast of code, pixels, and breakfast. BFF with @baristanet, @baristakids, @chcosts, @montclairstateu, and the animal kingdom.

Safia Abdalla

Woman Who Makes Things

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Galiya Khasanova

Business Intelligence consultant. Girl geek. Loves travelling, learning new languages, play capoeira (Joaninha MaculelĂȘ)

Joel Hammond-Turner

Software Architect, Scuba Diver, Father of 3, Professional Geek bio from Twitter

Marko Ahtisaari

Nokia Design bio from Twitter

Marcin Wichary


Mikeal Rogers

A martial arts rock band goes up against a band of motorcycle ninjas who have tightened their grip on Florida's narcotics trade. bio from Twitter

Julia Evans

Mostly python & data science & organizing @MtlGirlHackers. @hackerschool alum. bio from Twitter


Devrel and NoSQL

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