Simon Willison

Co-founder and CEO of Lanyrd

Simon Willison is the co-founder of, a Y Combinator funded company which helps people find conferences, user groups and ... See full bio

London in England

Spoken at 97 events in 14 countries

Simon Willison is tracking 1200 people

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Thomas Marsh

Lead Developer at Cyrus Innovation bio from LinkedIn

Christopher Neugebauer

Man about the world; coder of Androidish and Pythonic things; photo taker; Tasmanian open tech community guy; #pyconau 2012 & 2013 head honcho; Etc.

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James Turnbull

Australian author, works at Puppet Labs. Into Ruby, security, books, other people's photography, good food, cats and @rbbrown. bio from Twitter

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Mark Pesce

Australian inventor, author, educator and entrepreneur, serializing THE NEXT BILLION SECONDS, about communication, sharing and politics... ENFJ. bio from Twitter

Bubba Murarka

I lead early stage investments in consumer internet and mobile technology companies for @DFJvc. bio from Twitter


British law student → game maker / front-end web developer. Last: Vancouver. Now: San Francisco. bio from Twitter


JSON DIXON bio from Twitter

David Blackman

geo, pois and other things bio from Twitter

Christopher Schmitt

The Internet's Christopher Schmitt. @csscookbook author, @html5cookbook co-author, conf speaker, co-host of @nbsptv, & @e4h conference organizer bio from Twitter

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Matt Baxter-Reynolds

Independent software development consultant, trainer and author | Occasional contributor to @guardiantech | Nov: Programming Metro-style Apps with C# (O'Reilly) bio from Twitter


Product Manager for API/Platform at @Eventbrite. Seattle transplant, wannabe world traveler, and currently living back in SF. I like Cities; big Cities. bio from Twitter

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Lyza Danger Gardner

Cloud Four co-founder & dev: I help make and share the mobile web. Co-author of Head First Mobile Web (O'Reilly). bio from Twitter

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Julia Hartz

Co-Founder and President of bio from Twitter

Neil Kandalgaonkar

I helped make that thing you like on the internet.

Simon Wardley

I like ducks, they're fowl but not through choice.

Emilio Tagua

Eventioz Cofounder. Argentinian entrepreneur. Rubyist. CARP. bio from Twitter

Aanand Prasad

Not actually cool bio from Twitter

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England England, London

12th September 2014

Audrey Roy

Principal at @cartwheel_web. Co-author of Python/JS hacker, designer, artist, volunteer organizer of too many things. MIT EECS 2005. bio from Twitter

Edial Dekker

Helping you find exciting things to do everywhere in the world. We're hiring: bio from Twitter