Simon Willison

Director of Architecture, Eventbrite

Simon Willison rubs the software architecture team at Eventbrite. Prior to that he was the co-founder of, a Y ... See full bio

London in England

Spoken at 100 events in 14 countries

Simon Willison is tracking 1238 people

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Cameron Barrett

Head of Web Site Innovation & Strategy at Newark Public Schools

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Paul McMillan

I do security for Python and Django. I also take pictures and enjoy cocktails. bio from Twitter

Carter M Rabasa

Seattle-based #JS hacker at @Twilio. Organizes @CascadiaJS @SeattleJS @SportsHackDay. More at bio from Twitter

Dan Dyer

Owner/mobile app developer (Android/iOS) at Rectangular Software.

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dotSwift 2015

France France, Paris

6th February 2015

Jeff Waugh

Software Freedom, Open Source, Denby, WordPress, GNOME, Ubuntu, scooters, politics, wonks, puppies, and Bulletproof Networks. bio from Twitter


Making fast & beautiful. bio from Twitter

Paul Dix

CEO of Errplane (YC W13), core committer on InfluxDB, organizer of NYC Machine Learning, author of Service Oriented Design with Ruby and Rails. bio from Twitter

Bill Allison

Investigative journalist working at the Sunlight Foundation, which makes government more transparent. bio from Twitter

Ed Freyfogle

London et Orbi

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Dan McKinley

Principal Engineer at Etsy. bio from Twitter

Marc Hedlund

VP Engineering at @Stripe, board member at @Code2040 and @GirlDevelopIt. (Profile pic by @duncan.) bio from Twitter

Tobie Langel

Testing the Open Web Platform so you don't have to. bio from Twitter

Jason Moiron

programmer at @datadoghq, bloggist, photoman, rugby & footie fan, history geek bio from Twitter

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GopherConIndia 2015

India India, Bangalore

19th21st February 2015

Pieter Noordhuis

Redis, Cloud Foundry bio from Twitter


front-end engineer @eventbrite by day; fun, music and side project noodling by night. bio from Twitter

Ted Han

Married to @crupar (a food ninja). Hacks on @DocumentCloud, @datamapper & OSS things. Studied computational linguistics. bio from Twitter

David Reid

I don't even know anymore. bio from Twitter


I am pretty awesome. Check out this simple guide to my tweets: - Chief Technology Officer for Obama for America. bio from Twitter