Simon Willison

Director of Architecture, Eventbrite

Simon Willison runs the software architecture team at Eventbrite. Prior to that he was the co-founder of, a Y ... See full bio

San Francisco in United States

Spoken at 104 events in 15 countries

Simon Willison is tracking 1361 people

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Alastair Campbell

A UX and Accessibility bloke. bio from Twitter

Joe Trippi

Fmr Dean Campaign Mgr. Author of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Tweets important causes. Internet and Democracy. Social media and business. bio from Twitter

Clif Reeder

Developer for @voxmediainc/@verge/@sbnation. University of Michigan computer science alum. Also big on beer, music, and news. bio from Twitter

Yuri Victor

Designer. Coder. Journalist. San Diego Union-Tribune. /// I love you. bio from Twitter

Kumail Nanjiani

Comedian. I play Pindar on Franklin & Bash & do gaming podcast The Indoor Kids. Also, lots of stand-up comedy. bio from Twitter

Greg Wilson

Work as though you lived in the early days of a better nation. bio from Twitter

Kathryn King

Playing the trumpet, writing code, swing dancing, finding joy. bio from Twitter

connie hwong

community manager @gigaom and @gigaompro, music journalist, bicycle rider, girl extraordinaire. (formerly @conniehwong). bio from Twitter

Josh Millard

cortex on Metafilter; font of terrible notions. Reach me at bio from Twitter

Cath Jones

Experienced freelance UX Designer living in Brighton, working in London. bio from Twitter

Ada Rose Edwards

Full Stack JS developer, wesite:

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Troy Hunt

Software architect and Microsoft MVP, you’ll usually find me writing about security concepts and process improvement in software delivery. bio from Twitter

Martin De Wulf

Computer Science PhD turned into iOS/Android/Django/js developer by the love of code. bio from Twitter

Harry Brignull

User Experience consultant. Recent clients include The Telegraph, Dennis Publishing, Lloyds Pharmacy & Just Eat. I also run bio from Twitter

Carl Meyer

web developer at Mozilla, Django/pip/virtualenv core developer bio from Twitter

Ian Malpass

Software engineer at Etsy. Dad in Minnesota.

Aymeric Augustin

Software engineer, Django core developer, CTO, Go player. bio from Twitter

Justin Bronn

(Geo | Legal | Bio | CS) Hacker bio from Twitter

Jennifer Wong


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