Mathias Doenitz

Generalist with a nerdy streak and a weakness for solving problems with software. Currently into Scala (a lot).

Among many other things Mathias is the original author of spray.io, which was acquired by Typesafe in 2013. As a ... See full bio

Freiburg in Germany

Spoken at 16 events in 7 countries

Mathias Doenitz recently attended

  1. ScalaIO 2016

    France France, Lyon

    27th28th October 2016

    Mathias Doenitz spoke

  2. Scala Days Berlin

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    15th17th June 2016

    Mathias Doenitz spoke

  3. Scalar 2016

    Poland Poland, Warsaw

    16th April 2016

    Mathias Doenitz spoke

  4. Scala World

    England England, Penrith

    21st22nd September 2015

    Mathias Doenitz spoke

  5. Scala Days Amsterdam

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    8th10th June 2015

    Mathias Doenitz spoke

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