Dave Hall

IT Consultant, Drupalista, webapp coder, geek, slacker, father of 2, fat opinionated bastard.

Dave is the Web Platform Strategist at Pfizer. When he isn't working to build high quality web applications, he is ... See full bio

Bendigo in Australia

Spoken at 11 events in 7 countries

Dave Hall recently attended

  1. Drupal Camp Skopje

    Macedonia Macedonia, Skopje

    2nd3rd May 2015

    Dave Hall spoke

  2. Drupal South 2014

    New Zealand New Zealand, Wellington

    14th16th February 2014

    Dave Hall attended

  3. Bay Area Drupal Camp 2013

    United States United States, Berkeley

    24th27th October 2013

    Dave Hall spoke

  4. DrupalCon Prague 2013

    Czech Republic Czech Republic, Prague

    23rd27th September 2013

    Dave Hall spoke

  5. PHP Unconference Hamburg 2013

    Germany Germany, Hamburg

    21st22nd September 2013

    Dave Hall attended

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