Vitaly Friedman

Author, speaker, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, an online magazine for professional Web designers and developers.

Freiburg im Breisgau in Germany

Spoken at 62 events in 24 countries

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Rakesh Katti

Front End Guy, Web and Coffee addict, Tech Obsessed Social Introvert bio from Twitter

Boris VvZ

My account was hacked and all I got is this lousy bio. bio from Twitter

Patrick Meenan

General geek, particularly around web performance bio from Twitter

Guardian Developers

Official home of the Guardian's software development team. We like APIs, Scala, JavaScript, CSS, building scalable websites, and—of course—the news. bio from Twitter

Manuel Hanel

computer science student, working at @fyayc, interested in (web) design, photography and a bunch of other things bio from Twitter

Scotch on the Rocks

Edinburgh's annual gathering of web technologists covering development, best practices and human experience. bio from Twitter

Web Rebels Conf.

A community driven conference for and by developers who love creating stuff using web technology. A member of the JSConf family of conferences.

Nico Hagenburger

Hates coffee, loves CoffeeScript. Not interested in jewelry, but in Ruby. Prefers sprites to Sprite.

Hugo Giraudel

CSS goblin. Sass hacker. Margin psycho. Author of @Browserhacks, @SassDoc_ and a lot of Sass stuff: bio from Twitter

Martin Schuhfuss

passionate Web-Developer from Hamburg/Germany, working at spot-media AG bio from Twitter

Sam Richard

Sr. Front End, @NBCUniversal. Things I'm good at: food, bacon, #rwd, Sass, photography, and food. 7008px tall.My views are my own.

Chiara Albanesi

Illustrator, ethnographer, storyteller. I believe in mistakes, and in fireflies. bio from Twitter

Zach Leatherman

One of @filamentgroup. Herding @nebraskajs.

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Andrew Cohen

Lead Designer @NextBigSound. I like bicycles, beer, design, motorcycles, music, my dog and Arsenal FC. bio from Twitter

Zach Holman

door-to-door git repository salesman for github inc. also mashes his keyboard at @speakingio. invented bitcoin. bio from Twitter

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Mark Zeman

Founder @ SpeedCurve

Daniel Espeset

Performance Engineer at Etsy bio from Twitter

Florian Schmitt

If you've heard this story before, don't stop me, because I'd like to hear it again. bio from Twitter

Rick Barraza

Design Technologist in the Coding4Fun group at Microsoft. Working and playing at the intersection of Design and Emerging Technology daily bio from Twitter


Creating Communities. bio from Twitter