Vitaly Friedman

Author, speaker, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, an online magazine for professional Web designers and developers.

Freiburg im Breisgau in Germany

Spoken at 120 events in 35 countries

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Тихий Бес

Люблю людей? Большинство из вас мне даже не нравится. И, да, я эксцентричный, сломленный, уставший мизантроп. Идите к черту. bio from Twitter

Tiberiu Covaci

Multi-core aficionado, .Net enthusiast, technology geek, presentation freak. bio from Twitter

Guillermo Torres

Design Manager, User Experience at Adobe bio from LinkedIn

Maile Ohye

Having fun in the city, working at Google, optimizing for genuine moments. bio from Twitter

Miriam Suzanne

Artist & Experience Designer. Founder of @OddestBirds, contributor to @Compass, creator of @SassSusy, member of @teacupgorilla. Having fun.

Chris Lilley

Technical Director, Interaction Domain, W3C

Yuko Shimizu

illustrator, educator, workaholic. (No I didn't create Hello Kitty) bio from Twitter

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Claudina Sarahe

Radical. Co-founder 2013 YC Finalist. Alumna @TheStartupBus 2012. #NYCSass Meetup Organizer. Co-creator @SassConf. Dominicana. Sudanese. Queer. bio from Twitter

Anton Peck

UI/UX Director for OneFire Media (@1FireMedia). Enjoys creating unique logos and illustrations. REALLY LIKES COFFEE!!!!!

Erika Hall

Co-founder of Mule Design. Chug enthusiast. Author of Just Enough Research. You should get it. bio from Twitter

Charlotte Jackson

Front-end dev @Clearleft. @DMBrightonUni grad. Co-organiser of @CodebarBrighton. Sunset chaser. Lover of mountains, sea, travel, running, camper vans. bio from Twitter

John Sundell

iOS & OS X developer. Lead mobile developer @Spotify by day - indie game developer by night. Creator of @SwordsArrows, Unbox/Wrap & Flow. bio from Twitter

Henri Helvetica

dev, devilry, design & denim. #webperf. next @ToWebPerf: Nov. Edition - soon. creator of @RapperTurnedDev. never cursive, but might curse. änrē/ônrē. bio from Twitter

Joshua Mauldin

User experience and design for iOS apps and websites. Loves typography and GIFs. Also, big nerd. Big, big nerd.

Lin Clark

Developer/communicator working on Drupal's serialization, REST, and HTML data bio from Twitter

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Front-Trends 2017

Poland Poland, Warsaw

24th26th May 2017

Robyn Larsen

Nuclear engineer turned front end developer

GE Digital

We're leading efforts to harness the power of #bigdata & the #IndustrialInternet to change the way you do business. Join the third Industrial Revolution. bio from Twitter

Henrik Feldt

Philosopher of Software. Also check out bio from Twitter

Krijn Hoetmer

Freelance web developer / Standards / Simplicity / Mobile / CMS vendor (150+ sites) / / Conference organiser / bio from Twitter