Vitaly Friedman

Author, speaker, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, an online magazine for professional Web designers and developers.

Freiburg im Breisgau in Germany

Spoken at 105 events in 33 countries

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Matt Hinchliffe

Developer making new stuff at the @FT. Formerly @lonelyplanet. Web performance and accessibility nerd. I like my tea robustly brewed, white and with no sugar. bio from Twitter

Michael Chang

I make shiny things. bio from Twitter

Dominic Wilcox

Innovator, imaginer, experimenter, surprise hunter. (Art / design projects on bio from Twitter


html, css, js, beer, poker, mood bio from Twitter

Stas Zubovich

Big Bad Bookkeeper bio from Twitter

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Nadieh Bremer

Passionate about innovative Data Visualizations & Data Art. Graduated Astronomer. Love D3 | R | travel | cats | paper art bio from Twitter

Francesco Schwarz

Front-end developer with a passion for accessibility, HTML semantics, web performance, CSS/Sass architecture, @processwire, typography and design. bio from Twitter

Michael Mullins

Kid. Web enthusiast. Hopeful pessimist. bio from Twitter

Stefan G. Bucher

Designer, Illustrator, Writer. Also maker of Monsters. bio from Twitter

Carl Alexander

Avid developer who loves doing freaky experiments. Loves all business, fitness and technology topics. bio from Twitter

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Alisha Ramos

code + design at @voxmediainc. feminist, hapa, medievalist, runner, cat-herder. bio from Twitter


Teamlead Frontend Development, ZEIT ONLINE bio from Twitter

Adam Silver

Front end UI web developer bio from Twitter

Patima Tantiprasut

Lover of beautiful design, music & moments. Director + Studio Manager @bamcreative | Director @team6Q #startup | @AWIA #committee | Co-organiser @mixinconf bio from Twitter

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Designerd, illustrator, & pretend developer. Building @SociallistMe. @CarnegieMellon MHCI. INFP. Hair once matched a Rothko painting. I ❤ SV.

Vlad Magdalin

Hacker, painter, husband, dad, Soviet spy. Co-founder/CEO of @webflowapp (YC S13) bio from Twitter

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Colin Johnston

Graphic Design & Digital Product Design


Journalist. Designer. Strategist. Speaker. Now @KnightLab, was @BostonGlobe. New side project: EiC @EveningEdition. mirandamulligan at northwestern edu bio from Twitter

Maya Benari

Designer & frontend developer. Making a better government with @18F, former @codeforamerica fellow. bio from Twitter