David Jardin

OpenSource-enthusiast, involved and in love with the Joomla! CMS

David Jardin, board member of the German Joomla! association "J&Beyond e.V.", is involved in the Joomla! community since it's very ... See full bio

Cologne in Germany

Spoken at 16 events in 5 countries

David Jardin recently attended

  1. J and Beyond 2017

    Poland Poland, Krakow

    2nd4th June 2017

    David Jardin was involved

  2. J and Beyond 2016

    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    20th22nd May 2016

    David Jardin was involved

  3. JoomlaDay Austria 2015

    Austria Austria, Vienna

    20th21st November 2015

    David Jardin spoke

  4. TYPO3camp RheinRuhr 2015

    Germany Germany, Essen

    13th15th November 2015

    David Jardin spoke

  5. CMS Garden Unconference 2015

    Germany Germany, Essen

    30th October to 1st November 2015

    David Jardin spoke

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