Web designer, developer, speaker, writer, and now product manager. I wrote SMACSS. I work at Shopify.

Spoken at 54 events in 12 countries

Spoke at 54 past events

  1. Generate NYC 2015

    United States United States, New York

    17th April 2015

    Snook spoke

  2. CSS Dev Conf 2014

    United States United States, New Orleans

    13th15th October 2014

    Snook spoke

  3. [CANCELLED] Interlink Conference

    Canada Canada, Toronto

    18th20th June 2014

    Snook spoke

  4. beyond tellerrand 2014

    Germany Germany, Dusseldorf

    19th21st May 2014

    Snook spoke

  5. ConvergeSE 2014

    United States United States, Columbia

    1st3rd May 2014

    Snook spoke

  6. Webstock 2014

    New Zealand New Zealand, Wellington

    10th14th February 2014

    Snook spoke

  7. CSS Dev Conf 2013

    United States United States, Denver

    21st23rd October 2013

    Snook spoke

  8. Shropgeek (R)Evolution

    England England, Shrewsbury

    27th September 2013

    Snook spoke

  9. SmartWeb Conference

    Romania Romania, Bucharest

    24th September 2013

    Snook spoke

  10. Breaking Development 2013: San Diego

    United States United States, San Diego

    22nd24th July 2013

    Snook spoke

  11. Go Beyond Pixels 2013

    Canada Canada, St. John's

    7th June 2013

    Snook spoke

  12. WebVisions 2013 — Portland

    United States United States, Portland

    22nd24th May 2013

    Snook spoke

  13. DrupalCon Portland 2013

    United States United States, Portland

    20th24th May 2013

    Snook spoke

  14. Atmosphere 2013

    Poland Poland, Poznan

    13th14th May 2013

    Snook spoke

  15. Rustbelt Refresh 2013

    United States United States, Cleveland

    3rd May 2013

    Snook spoke

  16. Angle Brackets

    United States United States, Las Vegas

    8th11th April 2013

    Snook spoke

  17. SMACSS Online Workshop

    22nd January 2013

    Snook spoke

  18. SMACSS Online Workshop

    21st January 2013

    Snook spoke

  19. From The Front - The Treasure of Frontend Island

    Italy Italy, Bologna

    20th21st September 2012

    Snook spoke

  20. Smashing Conference 2012

    Germany Germany, Freiburg

    16th19th September 2012

    Snook spoke

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