Eddy Travia

Pioneer investor in blockchain technologies and startups, CEO at Coinsilium, co-founder at Block Chain Space

Eddy Travia is a pioneer investor in blockchain technologies and the co-founder & CEO of Coinsilium, the first London-quoted blockchain ... See full bio

Hong Kong

Spoken at 8 events in 6 countries

Eddy Travia recently attended

  1. CryptoFinancing 2017 - London

    England England, London

    7th July 2017

    Eddy Travia spoke

  2. Dublin Tech Summit 2017

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    14th15th February 2017

    Eddy Travia spoke

  3. Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2016- Brussels

    Belgium Belgium, Brussels

    21st25th November 2016

    Eddy Travia spoke

  4. iGaming Super Show 2016

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    7th10th June 2016

    Eddy Travia spoke

  5. Innovate Finance Global Summit 2016

    England England, London

    11th April 2016

    Eddy Travia attended

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