Stefan van Hooft

Soft spot for sustainable, open source, people driven high & low tech. ATA @_iCompute, @drupalsomerset, @CodingKids, @langportcinema. Drupal, Cycling, IoT

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Leandro Nunes

JC follower, Open Source enthusiast and Poker player. bio from Twitter

David Kitchen

Here you will find Drupal, Scouting, Politics, Trains & Planes. Yellowbelly past Mayor & Councillor bio from Twitter

Steve Song

Founder at Village Telco Limited bio from LinkedIn

Baris Wanschers

Co-owner of LimoenGroen (www.limoengroen.nl) and board member of the Dutch Drupal foundation. bio from Twitter

James Panton

Drupal stuff. Occasionally. bio from Twitter


Tracking the Internet of Things #iot bio from Twitter

Andre Jay Meissner

Metalhead @AdobeXD, goes by Jay. Wood processing. Building stuff. Passionate DIR diver. Fuelling http://IxDAberlin.de @IxDAb + http://OpenDeviceLab.com @ODL

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Steve Purkiss

Free Software, Free Society! bio from Twitter

Matt Fielding

Web designer & front-end developer. Head of UX & Design at @CodeEnigma. Lover of the great outdoors. bio from Twitter

Peter Jones

Intermediate Support Team NHS, Researcher. Interests: Hodges' model, integrated care, informatics, healthEd, healthLit, Drupal & Ruby, Blogger bio from Twitter

Jeffrey A. McGuire

Call me jam! Keynote Speaker, Storyteller // Partner at Open Strategy Partners // Community Building, Technology, Business, Culture, Communication. Musician. bio from Twitter

Campus Party Europe

The world's largest technology festival. September 2-7 in London. Under patronage of the European Commission. #CPeurope bio from Twitter

Tim Deeson

Cycling, open source & open companies, travelling, distributed working. MD @DeesonAgency, co-founder @DrupalCampLDN bio from Twitter

Alex Burrows

Drupal themer developer and consultant - http://drupal.org/user/577844. bio from Twitter


Simplify & accelerate the creation, deployment, and management of #ConnectedProducts and solutions on the #InternetOfThings & #InternetOfEverything bio from Twitter

Christian Ziegler

web addicted, drupal, opensource, design, webdev, tech, socialmedia, cycling, photography, music bio from Twitter

Heather McNamee

I tweet about @GitLab, #Drupal, Belfast, learning, technology, #opensource, Green Party, and wool. Don't trip over the yarn.

Nico Grienauer

http://www.drupalcamp.at Organizer, Graphic Designer & Photographer, #DrupalAT Board Member, Lomographer, runs a Mediadesign and a Lasercutting Company in AUT bio from Twitter

Richard Moger

Owner of Claritis web solutions. We build websites. Experts in Drupal CMS. bio from Twitter

Mike Bell

Technical Drupal Architect. ME Sufferer. Coffee and DnB lover! Github - https://github.com/mikebell Comments are my own and not representative of my employer. bio from Twitter