Stephen Howell

Computer Science Lecturer, Ireland: Kinect2Scratch:

Stephen Howell is a Computing lecturer and software developer in Ireland. He is a Computational Thinking evangelist and has presented ... See full bio

Dublin in Ireland

Spoken at 9 events in 2 countries

Stephen Howell recently attended

  1. ICT in Education Conference

    Ireland Ireland, Thurles

    9th10th May 2014

    Stephen Howell spoke

  2. CESI Conference 2014: "Spark the Imagination"

    Ireland Ireland, Galway

    28th February to 1st March 2014

    Stephen Howell spoke

  3. European Scratch Conference

    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    24th27th July 2013

    Stephen Howell was involved Dublin, Ireland spoke

  4. CESI Conference 2013: "CESI 4.0: Back to our Future"

    Ireland Ireland, Galway

    22nd23rd February 2013

    Stephen Howell spoke

  5. CESIMeet North East

    Ireland Ireland, Dundalk

    9th November 2012

    Stephen Howell was involved Organiser spoke

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