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Shelly Coen

one half of @teamtessie who are one of the 16 sponsored @railsgirlssoc teams this year. likes to rt cute animals. bio from Twitter

Reid Beels

🕵🏻📸✈️🚟🚀🎫🖥⚗ Traveller, designer, coder, noticer of details, photographer of quality doors. Works on @thedyrt, @calagator, @stumpsyn, and more. bio from Twitter

Miriam Nadler

Trans woman into front-end design & development; cruft punk?; pinball & poetry enthusiast; @VoxProduct front-ender bio from Twitter

Nova Patch

open source developer

Derek Bender

Ruby Enthusiast and Web Developer at Market Interactive and Ebbeka Design. ❦ bio from Twitter

Scott Murray

Code artist, hand-crafting data visualizations and other interactive phenomena. Author of “Interactive Data Visualization for the Web”. #processing #d3js bio from Twitter

Jess Eldredge

Web designer @Shopify, American in Canada, sketchnoter, word nerd, wino, cat lady.

Tim Pope

vim, tan, laundry bio from Twitter

Miah Johnson

This space could contain articles related to derps, gender, transsexuality, video games, life, San Francisco, UNIX, $300 shoes, thumb twiddling, and burritos. bio from Twitter

Derek Reeve

An ongoing (sometimes adult-oriented) conversation between a human and his brain. Sometimes others. bio from Twitter


JustLivin bio from Twitter

Steven! Ragnarök

Lunatic Hacker, CS/Math student, Linux user and FOSS enthusiast. Expect to see comp. sci. nuttery, math antics, and the odd post about games or books. bio from Twitter

Chris Geihsler

Aspiring software craftsman. Ruby, js, and science geek. Lives in Pittsburgh with lots of cats. Is lucky to wake up next to @liumonade every morning. bio from Twitter

Hsing-Hui Hsu

This is water. bio from Twitter

Veronica Ray

iOS for video @LinkedIn. Queer southern hip hop dancer and weight lifter. Mistress of mutability, method swizzling and metaprogramming. bio from Twitter

Noelle Daley

Internet / Sociology / peanut butter fiend. Curious explorer. Community @NewRelic

Nickolas Means

Coder, truth-seeker, functional impostor. I'm a software developer from Austin and I spend my days fixing healthcare at WellMatch Health. bio from Twitter