Stefano Bussolon

psychologist, Ph.D. in cognitive sciences, psychotherapist, freelance information architect and adjoint professor in human computer interaction

Trento in Italy

Spoken at 9 events in 6 countries

Stefano Bussolon recently attended

  1. EuroIA 2017

    Sweden Sweden, Stockholm

    28th30th September 2017

    Stefano Bussolon spoke

  2. World IA Day Verona-Trento 2017

    Italy Italy, Verona

    18th February 2017

    Stefano Bussolon spoke

  3. IA Summit 2016

    United States United States, Atlanta

    4th8th May 2016

    Stefano Bussolon spoke

  4. Better Software 2015

    Italy Italy, Florence

    16th17th November 2015

    Stefano Bussolon spoke

  5. EuroIA 2012

    Italy Italy, Rome

    28th29th September 2012

    Stefano Bussolon spoke

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