Tantek Çelik

Cofounder: #indieweb #barcamp @IndieWebCamp @microformats. Working @Mozilla: @CSSWG @W3CAB. Making: @Falcon @CASSISjs. #fightfortheusers & aspiring runner.

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Spoken at 103 events in 10 countries

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Steffen Rademacker

Webentwickler, Bassist und Bartträger. bio from Twitter

David Mead

An Englishman abroad - Been working with the web since the 90's, main focus now is UX/UI. Moved to Cleveland, Ohio in 2001. bio from Twitter

Amy van der Hiel

Possibly you are not aware that I once won a Scripture-knowledge prize at school? - P.G. Wodehouse, Right Ho Jeeves bio from Twitter

michele perras

This is a throwdown, a showdown, hell no I can't slow down! Mobile everything, personal tweets here. Wife of @tpurves sailing, dingos, loyalty points, pie bio from Twitter


Web designer, developer, speaker, writer, and now product manager. I wrote SMACSS. I work at Shopify. bio from Twitter

Ethan Zuckerman

Center for Civic Media, MIT Media Lab, Global Voices Online, Berkman Center. Formerly Geekcorps, Tripod. RT ≠ endorsement, RT = interesting read. bio from Twitter

Thomas Purves

Product Owner Visa Checkout. Impatient futurist. McLuhanist. Wrangler of dingos, sailor, fond of spoonerisms. bio from Twitter


I love web development (C#, .NET, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTML), am currently a Program Manager at Microsoft. All opinions and views are my own. bio from Twitter

Rebecca Cottrell

Shape Engineer · Interaction Designer @GDSteam bio from Twitter

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Coralie Mercier

♀, mum. @W3C staff since early 99. Tweeting from the Dork Side since early 2007 in English et en français. bio from Twitter

Mike Taylor

Web Compat at Mozilla. I mostly tweet about crappy code. \ﷺ̐̾̾̈̏̔̂̇̀ͭ̈ͦ͌̽ͭͪͫͯ̄͏̞̭̘̥̤͎̤͘\' bio from Twitter

David Shanske

Librarian, Archivist, Techie, Writer, Transportation Enthusiast...Renaissance Man. I work for an airline, but I don't talk about that much. bio from Twitter

lara fischer-zernin

Everything you need to know about me is on my blog: http://bigsounds.tumblr.com bio from Twitter

Garrett Robinson

Security Engineer at Mozilla. SecureDrop Lead Developer. bio from Twitter

Dan Gillmor

Bio and disclosures: http://dangillmor.com/about (Photo by Joi Ito) bio from Twitter

Kyle Mahan

For every coin there is an equal and opposite bird. bio from Twitter

Mary J. Colvig

Doing my part for the web + running my heart out. bio from Twitter

Secret Robotron

Mozilla creative hacker (Popcorn & Games) indie game developer, lover, candy enthusiast, artist, & your best friend. bio from Twitter

Yehuda Katz

Tilde Co-Founder, OSS enthusiast and world traveler. bio from Twitter

Emily Toop

dreams about controlling robotic cats with mobile phones bio from Twitter