Tantek Çelik

Cofounder: #indieweb #barcamp @IndieWebCamp @microformats. Working @Mozilla: @CSSWG @W3CAB. Making: @Falcon @CASSISjs. #fightfortheusers & aspiring runner.

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Spoken at 103 events in 10 countries

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AKA porneL. Speaking about the web stack from HTTP up.

Amelia Mendez

Product person at @mercedesbenzio, formerly @autodesk @autocad. Architecture, futurism, industrialism, and interaction. bio from Twitter

Laura Helen Winn

UI & UX Designer making delightful products to better people's lives. Proud to be part of the @aboutdotme team. bio from Twitter


The tidying-up-government-data project! Background is here: http://bit.ly/dgecl6. LinkedGov is also on http://www.facebook.com/LinkedGov. bio from Twitter

Hugh Forrest

Celebrating creativity at SXSW Interactive. Also, Boston Red Sox, good food, exercise when possible and sleep sleep sleep. bio from Twitter