Tamir Dresher

Tamir Dresher is a senior software architect working as a consultant at CodeValue Israel. He is s prominent member of ... See full bio


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Tamir Dresher recently attended

  1. TestCon Moscow 2017

    Russia Russia, Moskva

    27th April 2017

    Tamir Dresher spoke

  2. Global Azure Bootcamp Israel - Azure Service Fabric

    Israel Israel, Herzliya

    23rd April 2017

    Tamir Dresher was involved spoke

  3. ConFoo Montreal 2017

    Canada Canada, Montreal

    8th10th March 2017

    Tamir Dresher spoke

  4. CodeMash 2017

    United States United States, Sandusky

    10th13th January 2017

    Tamir Dresher spoke

  5. NDC Oslo 2016

    Norway Norway, Oslo

    6th10th June 2016

    Tamir Dresher spoke

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