Thomas Witt

Internet/Web technology and trends expert, Director/VP Product & Business Development @Infopark / @Scrivito. Topics: Cloud, AWS, Ruby on Rails, CMS

Speaker biography

Thomas Witt is Director of Product & Business Development at Infopark AG, a Berlin based cloud software company.

He has been dealing with internet technologies since 1990 and is a proven expert in web and cloud computing technologies and trends. Since 1997, he is responsible for managing Infopark's products and its strategic technical decisions.

Thomas regulary speaks at various conferences about the latest technology trends and how they can be turned into business value.

Infopark was founded in 1994 and is the company behind Scrivito, the professional Cloud CMS built for Ruby on Rails.

Scrivito runs on Amazon Web Services and won numerous awards, e.g. Computerwoches "Best In Cloud".


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